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As a Licensed Commercial Asbestos Removal Company, Southern Gulf Environmental Services takes the gravity of asbestos removal seriously. We ensure your safety — and ours — by sending out experienced supervisors to lead our capable and accredited abatement teams. 

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vOnly a licensed asbestos professional should be contracted to properly remove and dispose the substance. Doing it on your own will only disturb them and further worsen the damage that it can cause, thus, exposing yourself and your home to asbestos fibres more. vWhen doing work such as major renovations or remodeling, it is possible to release asbestos particles into the air. This increases the risk of breathing them into the lungs, which leads to various diseases. The nature of asbestos-related diseases means that they often takes years to develop, and are difficult for health care providers to diagnose; doctors typically use medical and personal history to figure out if asbestos exposure is likely.

Commercial buildings, factories, and offices are frequented by a huge number of people and it will be important to ensure that they are in the best condition and will in no way pose a threat to the community. As the owner of a commercial building, you are responsible in keeping your premises safe and hazard free. That includes removal of hazardous materials like asbestos to make your establishment safe and commercially viable. SGES team of licensed asbestos removal experts can help evaluate the safety of your property, remove the hazards around it, and make your structure safe for anyone. Don’t leave the task of asbestos disposal in the wrong hands. Seek the help of the asbestos removal specialists at Southern Gulf Environmental to ensure proficient and safe removal of the hazardous material.



What Happens During Asbestos Removal Process?

Assessment - Hazmat Survey
This identifies the presence of hazardous materials, including asbestos, to eliminate the risk of exposure to workers and the area. It involves partial destruction of the finishes whilst the building is evacuated to procure samples to be tested by an accredited lab.

The Process
If asbestos is discovered, a qualified asbestos removal company should be contracted to remove it. Avoid disturbing asbestos material yourself. Asbestos fibres can easily become airborne and doing so will only increase the risk to your health.

Prior to conducting asbestos removal, asbestos must be contained to small areas and isolated from the rest of the home. One way to contain airborne asbestos fibers is by applying plastic sheeting.

HEPA Filtration
A High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is designed to trap different particles like asbestos and even those that cannot be filtered by a normal vacuum cleaner. It prevents harmful asbestos fibres from escaping the contained area.

Protective Suits & Equipment
Workers must put on protective suits and respirators to protect themselves from asbestos exposure. These specialised gears help prevent dust from attaching to clothes and spreading to other areas.

Asbestos Abatement
There are several steps taken to remove asbestos in a contaminated area. First, an amended water is used to minimize the airborne asbestos fibre levels. All visible debris are then removed from the work area and all surfaces are HEPA-filtered and wet-wiped. Finally, an encapsulant is sprayed over surfaces to lock down any possible asbestos fibres remaining.

While still wet, the asbestos waste materials are packed into properly sealed and labeled containers for disposal. It must be disposed quickly at approved local authority waste sites.

Final Inspection
A consultant will inspect the work site and conduct air monitoring to confirm if the building is already safe for reoccupancy. A final clearance will be issued if the area is determined asbestos-free.



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